Residential Buildings / The Villages on Mount Hope Bay

  • Mount Hope Bay 1
  • Mount Hope Bay 2
  • Mount Hope Bay 3
  • Mount Hope Bay 4
  • Mount Hope Bay 5
  • Mount Hope Bay 6

Contract Description

This 82 unit, luxury residential townhouse project, located on a 96-acre waterfront property at Mount Hope Bay in Tiverton RI, also included a 10,000 square foot clubhouse with an outdoor pool and fitness center, a 3/4 mile nature trail along the waterfront, and a beach clubhouse. Subsequent Contract packages were to be awarded in phases based upon success-based sales and construction progress, with the final project scope to grow to approximately 300 residential units.

  • General Contractor: O Ahlborg & Sons
  • Contract Value: $30,000,000 (Approximate)
  • Notice to Proceed: April 15, 2003
  • Contract Completion: April 15, 2005
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