Heavy Civil / I-90 & Route 1A Interchange

  • Route 1A Interchange 1
  • Route 1A Interchange 2
  • Route 1A Interchange 3

Contract Description

The work of Contract C08A1 located at the entrance to Logan Airport involved the construction of numerous roadways of varying widths at-grade, on retained fill, on viaducts and a boat section. Roadways include mainline and connector roads, ramps, a bus-way and several service roads. Also included is construction and demolition of temporary roadways, construction of utilities, signage, roadway lighting, a pump station, modifications to existing steel viaducts, highway landscaping and renovations to Memorial Stadium Park and the construction of the Bremen Street Buffer.

Construction also included a new Airport Station for the MBTA, which consisted of all necessary track, signal and power work, structural, mechanical, and electrical work, custom curtain walls, bus canopies, escalators, and elevators, fare collection equipment, for the inbound and outbound Blue Line train platforms and demolition/removal of the existing MBTA Airport Blue Line Station.

  • General Contractor: Barletta Heavy Division
  • Contract Value: $204,800,000
  • Notice to Proceed: April 14, 2000
  • Contract Completion: April 8, 2004
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