Commercial Buildings / Central Artery Vent Building #1

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Contract Description

Ventilation Building No. 1 is located above the proposed Interstate 90 mainline Immersed Tube Tunnel (C09B1) adjacent to Dorchester Avenue. The building consists of 3 floors of structural steel and reinforced concrete construction and it houses electrical equipment and ventilation fans to service the Interstate 90 tunnels.

Emergency Response Station #4/Electrical Substation is a two story building, and is a combination of steel framing with concrete slab on metal deck. The primary activities for the ES4 include response to emergency incidents on Interstates 90 and 93, short term storage for disabled cars, and repair of emergency response vehicles.

USPS Parking Garage, an underground parking structure, is a reinforced concrete building adjacent to Vent Building No. 1 and the USPS mail facility located on Dorchester Ave. The parking garage provides 73 parking spaces for general use and mail delivery vehicles.

  • General Contractor: M. DeMatteo
  • Contract Value: $31,249,006
  • Notice to Proceed: July 26, 1999
  • Contract Completion: August 21, 2001
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